Spring 2001, p.19

T.A. "Crash Help" Project Helps Cyclists and Pedestrians Struck by Cars

Every year in New York City, approximately 3,500 cyclists and 12,000 pedestrians are injured by cars. Of these, approximately 700 cyclists, and 3,000 pedestrians require a hospital stay. Transportation Alternatives is establishing a pilot "Crash Help" project to provide information and help to these victims. The group is headed by Robert Miller, a T.A. member, and an avid cyclist and walker who sustained life-threatening injuries after being struck by a car while biking. After being discharged from the hospital, Robert, found himself confounded by what to do next. The project grew out of his experience, and T.A.'s awareness that car victims and their families need information about the options they have to address legal, medical, emotional, therapeutic, and financial problems. If you need help or would like to provide us with hints and tips learned after your crash, contact us.

Please help get the "Crash Help" project get off the ground as a volunteer or contributor. Contact: Robert Miller at crashhelp@transalt.org or by calling (212) 629-8080.