Spring 2001, p.16

T.A. Pedestrian Advocate Departs for Hollywood Career

Neel scott, T.A.'s campaign coordinator, is leaving T.A. in May to pursue a career in film. Neel's genial presence, and sharp intelligence will be missed by the many community and civic groups he worked with as coordinator of the Neighborhood Streets Network, and staff liaison for T.A.'s volunteer advocacy committees. T.A. congratulates Neel for taking the first step towards realizing his lifelong dream of making movies. Neel reports he is looking forward to creating future icons of American culture like Lethal Weapon IX, Mummy 7, and Scream 5. Good luck Neel, from all of your friends and colleagues at T.A.

Cavanagh Steps up to Fill Campaign Coordinator Position

Ellen cavanagh, the former head of T.A.'s Safe Routes to School program, will step up to fill the Campaign Coordinator position in September. Ellen is an expert in pedestrian and traffic calming issues and community based planning. In March, Ellen completed the first report summarizing Safe Routes to School programs in United States.