Spring 2001, p.20

Commuter Profile: Bicycle Cherry

Names, neighborhood, and bicycle (pictured left to right):
Pit (Bedford Stuyvesant) GT track bike, Cherry Bomb (Bushwick) Bianchi track bike, Cherry Sprite (Greenpoint) a Centurian...the Ultimate Commuting Machine, Cherry Crush (Greenpoint) red JC Higgins cruiser, Cherry Pie (Flatbush) Nishiki Prestige, Taliah (Williamsburg) Duracycle Moth,
Not pictured: Jade, Mel, Cherry Pop Tart, Cherry Rock, Cherry Hot Rod

What is Bicycle Cherry?:
Girls on bikes having fun. It's a group of women who give each other support in the bicycle world. We race at the Kissena track and encourage women to come try out track racing. If enough women show up, then Kissena will give the ladies their own division. We are planning a cherry grove group ride for this summer, along with rides to Coney Island.
What T.A. issue concerns you most?:
Cherry Sprite: Bridge safety and access.
Cherry Crush: Enforcement of automobile and truck traffic laws.
Pit: I want people to be more educated about cyclists' rights.
Cherry Bomb: Driver education.
Taliah: Dooring. I have written letters to the Taxi and Limousine Commission saying they should put a "watch for bikes" notice on the recording or on stickers in all taxis. Taxis are a good chance to educate people about the dangers of opening car doors into traffic.
Describe your commute:
Cherry Sprite: Greenpoint to Williamsburg Bridge then up to 17th St. I take different routes. It is great when you are late for work cause you stop and chat with too many people. Taliah: No one really knows for sure which way she'll go until she strikes!
When I go shopping, I race my friend Dave home from the grocery store on cruiser bikes. One time I opened up this gap on him and he could not close it. I rounded a corner and he still could not catch up. I got home first, won the race, and then he wiped out! The rule is that you have to carry the week's worth of groceries if you lose.
Anyone have indoor bike parking at work?:
Cherry Pie: Yes I do, in a small office building on 28th street. I park my bike in my office and since the building does not have a doorman, no one stops me from bringing the bike into the building! It is excellent.
How can people contact Bicycle Cherry?:
Visit our website www.bikecult.com/cherry or join our e-mail list by writing to BicycleCherry@yahoo.com. We have a line of Bicycle Cherry apparel.

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