Summer 2001, p.8

Finally, Phones

One of three new emergency call boxes on the Williamsburg Bridge.After a long struggle to meet basic security standards on the Williamsburg Bridge's bicycle pedestrian path, the NYPD has installed three solar powered emergency call boxes. As of June, there are phones on both the Brooklyn and Manhattan sides, and one in the middle of the path span. A test call showed the phones are in working order.

Three years ago a surge in muggings on the bridge propelled T.A, our members, and elected officials like Senator Martin Connor and Council member Margarita Lopez to call the NYPD to ask for the phones and more patrols. Phones, good lighting, and frequent police patrols similar to those on the Brooklyn Bridge are also needed on the long span of the newly opened Manhattan Bridge path. Emergency phones are a necessary security feature of all bridge paths.
Write to the NYPD and thank them for installing emergency call boxes on the Williamsburg Bridge, and ask them to do the same for the Manhattan Bridge before a surge of muggings occurs there.

Write to:
Ari N. Wax
Deputy Commissioner
Technological Development
New York Police Department
Office of Technology and System Development Rm. 900E
1 Police Plaza
New York, NY 10038

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