Summer 2001, p.20

Commuter Profile: Anita Prinz

Name: Anita Prinz
Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Occupation: Registered Nurse for the Mt. Sinai Home Health Care Agency
Bike: Purple Huffy mountain bike wrapped with tire tubes and surgical tape. It has front shocks, which I really like.
T.A. member since: 1999
When you contacted T.A. you called yourself the "cycling nurse". Tell us about that?
My job requires me to visit patients in their homes and I ride my bicycle to get from patient to patient. I visit 4-6 patients a day and usually work on the Upper East Side between 57th and 94th, but I do travel to other areas as needed. I am a bike messenger of healthcare!
Sounds like fun.
It really is. I love riding and have been doing this for three years. It is fast, much faster than the bus, and also healthy. If one of my patients needs me I can go directly to them without relying on others. My patients are very amused and really impressed. It adds joy to their day. The number one question they ask is "where do I park my bike?" I usually use a street pole of some kind. There is not much bicycle parking (CityRacks) on the Upper East Side.
I use a Kryptonite NYC u-lock and ride a cheap bike!
Why did you start riding at work?
It is an easy method of transportation and gives me a sense of freedom and empowerment. It is healthy, doesn't pollute and sometimes you feel like you are flying. I am a very healthy nurse setting a good example for my patients.
Any tips for others who might want to try riding to work?
I tend to ride in the middle of the lane. You have to make the cars go around you to be really safe. Bike lanes are great for slower riders but I find riding quickly with traffic is the safest. Watch out for out-of-town plates on cars! Also cycling is ergonomically better for carrying heavy loads. I carry a ten-pound bag with all my equipment in it. If I walked with that bag it would kill me! One other important thing is
dispelling the myth that cycling makes you un-presentable in some way. I work as a professional and am totally presentable. Everyone should give cycling a try. When I ride I always wear a helmet. I do that cause I love my brain and know how easily it can be damaged.

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