Fall 2001, p.9

State DOT Launches NYC Bike/Ped Program

Kudos to Doug Currey and New York State Department of Transportation's Region 11 (NYC office) for launching a Non-Motorized Program. The program is headed by Roger Weld (an engineer and bike commuter) whose five person team has been in place since late summer. Cyclists may know Region 11 Non-Motorized Program's work from such bikeways as the 9A Multiuse Path (Battery Park to 59th St.), and the Rockaway Boulevard multiuse path in Queens. Other Non-Motorized Program projects include the Bronx River Greenway, Hutchinson River Parkway, and FDR Drive Path from 24th St. to 42nd St.

The State DOT owns the highways that run through NYC and oversees Federal transportation aid used by the City. Thus it must work closely with the City DOT. State DOT's robust bicycle and pedestrian program compliments the City's, bolstering political support for cycling and pedestrian projects.

Before the World Trade Center tragedy, Region 11's Non-Motorized Program responded well to T.A.'s concerns developing a new set of larger, simpler signage for the greenway. (see T.A. Summer 2001 issue, "Serious Safety Flaws Mar Hudson Path) This new series includes yield to pedestrian, driveway ahead, and signal ahead signs.

Though building on the Hudson River Greenway is on hold due to the WTC disaster, Region 11 continues to design improvements. An innovative speed table design (see diagram) is slated to be built in the next year at the intersection of the greenway and West Houston St. This raised crossing clearly gives path users the right of way while requiring turning motorists to slow down as they cross the greenway.

For additional questions or comments please contact (please cc T.A. at info@transalt.org): 

Write to:
Roger Weld
Non-Motorized Program Coordinator
New York State Department of Transportation Region
11 47-40 21st Street
Long Island City, NY 11101

A new speed table design (the area between the arrows) by the New York State DOT will slow turning cars at greenway crossings.

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