Fall 2001, p.10

Keep Cars Off the East River Greenway

Locked out. Park users have indefinitely lost the riverside path at East River Park.A six-block section of the East River Greenway, from Rutgers to Jackson Street, is being used as a parking lot. As a result, cyclists and pedestrians are being forced off the path onto busy South Street. Since September 11th, the Eastside Greenway has been used as a key commuting corridor, connecting east-side commuters with the Financial District, and bringing ferry commuters uptown. The blocked path is a reminder that it is crucial to keep cycling infrastructure clear to encourage bicycle commuting, and help alleviate the City's traffic and transit crunch.

It is illogical that this vital bicycle and pedestrian route is being used as automobile storage considering that there are several empty parking lots beside the greenway. Some of the construction equipment parked on the path is being used for the World Trade Center clean-up efforts. However, Transportation Alternatives urges the Department of Sanitation to park its equipment in the DSNY yard. Also T.A. is asking that motorists use the available parking lots (the space allotted for car parking), and not park on the greenway (the space allotted for bicycles and pedestrians).

The greenway currently extends from the South Street Seaport to 18th Street. Ground has been broken just north of 18th Street to extend the path up to 23rd Street. Rotten pilings are still keeping the riverside esplanade in East River Park closed from Grand to 12th Street, but the path that runs alongside the FDR remains open for cyclists and pedestrians. Partial funding was set-up to repair the promenade and construction is waiting to start. However, the City's impending budget crisis has direct bearing on this project, so further repairs have not yet been determined.

Please write to DOT Commissioner Weinshall requesting that cars no longer be allowed to park on the East Side Greenway (please cc T.A. at info@transalt.org).

Write to:
Commissioner Iris Weinshall
NYC Department of Transportation
40 Worth Street
New York, NY 10013

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