Fall 2001, p.11

Events Director Wanted

Crazy Canuck Departs

Craig Barnes, T.A.'s Director of Events and Membership is returning to Toronto to ride his bike, play hockey and promote everyday cycling in new and exciting ways. As a cycling organizer extraordinaire he helped lead T.A.'s best ever NYC Century and Bike Week with a calm and inspiring enthusiasm. Craig also forged new links between T.A. and the bike messenger community. We wish him luck.

T.A. needs someone to organize events (NYC Century and NYC Bike Week) and manage membership. This is a fun and rewarding position that generates about 40 percent of T.A.'s budget. Good leadership skills, ability to meet many deadlines, and a flexible schedule are some of the requirements of this position. Please visit www.transalt.org/jobs for a full job posting and details on how to apply.