Fall 2001, p.13

Operation Move That Dumpster

Pedestrians in NYC contend daily with obstacles that block sidewalks and blind sightlines.Beleaguered NYC pedestrians have found a new ally in New York's Strongest. The New York City Department of Sanitation (DOS) began a sidewalk clearing pilot program this September in Manhattan Community Boards 2 and 12, and Queens Community Board 2. The program, dubbed "Operation Dumpster," specifically targets commercial dumpsters. Businesses that crowd the sidewalk with garbage containers and bags during non-collection days and weekends will be ticketed.

Credit the DOS for tackling the problem strategically and reclaiming valuable pedestrian space. The Department of Transportation could follow their lead and establish a sidewalk clearing program of its own. Such a program would help keep payphones, mailboxes, and newsboxes from encroaching on scarce sidewalk space.

Write to the Department of Sanitation and thank them for taking back the sidewalks (please cc T.A. at info@transalt.org):

Write to:
Peter Montalbano
First Deputy Commissioner
Department of Sanitation
125 Worth St.
New York NY 10013

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