Fall 2001, p.13

Calming Union Square West

Union Square West, teeming with tourists, residents, greenmarket vendors, shoppers and park users is a prime candidate for traffic calming. The Union Square Community Coalition met this summer to discuss the final steps in the reconstruction of Union Square West. Representatives from the Department of Transportation, the Parks Department, restaurant owners, the 14th St./Union Sq. Business Improvement District and T.A. attended the meeting. With the Union Square West underground projects drawing to a close, the meetings' participants hoped to use reconstruction as an opportunity to create a pedestrian friendly space and link the parks to businesses on the other side. The group agreed that through traffic on Broadway should continue to be routed across the north side of the park. Related to this, the Union Square Community Coalition developed a list of recommended actions including:

  • Adjusting traffic signals on Union Sq. West to maximize east-west pedestrian crossing time and reduce north/south vehicular capacity and speed.
  • Installing a neckdown at 17th St. and Broadway designed to turn Broadway traffic to the east.
  • Installing raised crosswalks along Union Sq. West and 17th St. (part of an earlier plan put forward by T.A.).

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