Fall 2001, p.18-19

NYC Century Bike Tour

A marshal watches over the Brooklyn BridgeSeptember 9th was the perfect day for the 12th annual NYC Century. The weather was warm, the sun was shining, and over 3200 cyclists rode NYC's streets and greenways on a fun and well-designed route. The Central Park start was oh so smooth and everyone returned to the finish with a smile and a craving for Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Thanks to all the event participants and the dedicated T.A. staff and volunteers. See you September 8, 2002!

T.A. organizes the NYC Century each year to:

  • Raise money to support T.A.'s year-round advocacy work for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Encourage everyday cycling on New York's greenways, bike lanes, bike routes and streets.
  • Five happy cyclists at the Forest Park rest stop.Get new T.A. members. The annual NYC Century Bike Tour is a 100-mile ride with 35, 55, and 75-mile routes looping off the 100-mile route. The tour takes riders along greenways, streets, and bike routes in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Manhattan. Staten Island is not included because it is not directly accessible by bicycle.

Bicycle Advocacy

T.A. staff and volunteers design a route that will be enjoyable for all cyclists. In the weeks leading up to the event T.A. and various agencies work together to clean up park paths, fill potholes, and identify potentially hazardous situations along the route. The DOT, DOS, Parks and Recreation, MTA Bridges, and Gateway National Recreation Area all help clean up and repair the streets, bridges, and paths on the route. The DOT does an excellent job filling potholes, while Parks, DOS, and the MTA help sweep away glass and gravel. On ride day, the Police help direct traffic at a few key intersections and volunteer EMT's patrol the route helping riders along the way.

Beautiful Brooklyn brownstonesGood Bike Routes

During the first years of the tour New York had few greenways and bike lanes. Over the course of the last twelve years, the NYC greenway system has expanded, and each year the ride showcases this growing network. One of the challenges New York City faces is providing safe routes between park paths and greenways. New York's cycling maps show recommended routes and bike lanes that lead to greenway paths. The NYC Century takes people along these, and other, recommended bike routes showing people how to get to the greenways. Safe routes to greenways are essential in increasing the number of cyclists in New York. More cyclists will use off-road paths if there are safe, clearly marked routes that lead to the paths. NYC DOT could greatly improve New York cycling by providing signage, map kiosks, and designating the recommended routes as official bike routes.

An early morning snack at Prospect ParkThank you's:
Alicia Freeman
Ruth and Michael Rosenthal
Bob Adamenko at DOT Special Events
Ann Donegan at DOS Special Events
Gideon Davis and Jim Fortunato at MTA Bridges, NYC Parks and Recreation
The Route Committee: Clarence Eckerson, Richard Gans, John Henderson, Danny Lieberman, Ed Ravin
Rest Stop Table Captains: Matt Corey, Ken Coughlin, Mike Dowd, Jeff Prant, Stephen Tibbets,
All the volunteers at the early (3 am!) Central Park start and then at the finish
All hard working food and water providing rest stop volunteers
Martin Grillo and the volunteer EMT crew
Lenox Hill Bike Medics
John Wright
Robert Eberwein
Glen Goldstein
Chris Dunn at NYCLU
Sponsors: Ben and Jerry's, Robert Fader, Esq., Fresh Samantha, Law Office of Adam White, Tom Cat Bakery, Bicycle Habitat, Clif Bar, Kontos Pita, Krispy Kreme, Chiquita Banana, Dutch Mill, Brooklyn Brewery, Smuckers.
Mechanics: Richard Aguilar from Spokes and Strings bike shop, Gregory Cross, Steve Bauman, Dionis Hernadez from Bronx River Bicycle Works.