Fall 2001, p.23

Committee News

Gowanus Expressway Tunnel Project

T.A. is at the forefront of the campaign to replace Brooklyn's elevated Gowanus Expressway with a tunnel. The Gowanus Community Stakeholder Group (GCSG) held a public meeting on September 24th to discuss and provide critical expertise on traffic, environmental and public health issues. The GCSG expects to have the technical advisor selected and working by early November.

T.A. urges members, especially those living in the Gowanus Corridor, to get involved with this important project. Please contact T.A.'s Gowanus Project coordinator, Michael Cairl, GCSG Vice-Chair, at gowanus@transalt.org.

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Brooklyn Committee News

This past election season the Brooklyn Committee met with many City Council candidates to educate them on issues like traffic calming and car-free Prospect Park. Two candidates who looked favorably upon T.A. issues won their districts: David Yassky (33rd Dist., formerly Ken Fisher) and Bill DiBlasio (39th formerly Steven DiBrienza). The Committee also contributed tens of volunteer hours to designing and marking the NYC Century Route. Please come to the next meeting at 6:30pm, Monday, November 19th at Eco Books , second floor of 837 Union Street. There will be no meeting in December. January 2002's meeting will be on the 21st. There are many opportunities to get involved, including:

The Bronx

The Bronx Chapter is looking forward to working with new Borough President apparent, Adolfo Carrion. As a council member, Mr. Carrion worked with T.A. on many issues including car-free Sundays on the Grand Concourse, and bicycle access to buildings with freight elevators. He is an avid bicyclist and has pledged to continue implementation of the Bronx Greenway plan, and is working for a Harlem River Greenway.

Other Bronx Committee projects:

  • Participating in the planning process for the Major Investment Study that State DOT is doing on the Major Deegan/Cross Bronx Expressway corridor.
  • Advocating for a Metro-North station at Yankee Stadium. 
  • Sponsoring the 2001 Tour de Bronx.
  • Representing T.A. in the Bronx Parks Coalition.

For information on how you can get involved in the Bronx Committee, contact Rich Gans: (718) 653-2203 or bronx@transalt.org.

A Good Year for the Car-Free Central Park Campaign

The Car Free Central Park Committee was very busy this summer, securing support from candidates and petitioning park users. As of this writing, the two remaining Democratic mayoral contenders, Fernando Ferrer and Mark Green, have expressed unequivocal support for a permanent closing of the parks to traffic. Republican candidate Michael Bloomberg had not responded to inquiries. Gale Brewer, the new City Council member from Manhattan's Upper West Side, favors a three-month trial car-free park. Two other council members, with districts on the park, Gifford Miller and Eva Moskowitz, have already signed T.A.'s petition calling for a permanent car-free park.

The Petition Campaign: 20,000 and Counting Much of the credit goes to one super-volunteer, Mary Barknecht. She collected 7,500 signatures by working the mammoth lines of people waiting for Shakespeare in the Park, six days a week for 2 seasons.

To help win a Car-Free Central Park contact: centralpark-subscribe@topica.com. For more information, visit www.transalt.org/centralpark.