Winter 2002, p.5

Secret Indoor Bike Parking at Transit Revealed

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T.A. stumbled upon a bike rack in the Jay Street/Borough Hall A, C and F station in Brooklyn. It is located at the base of the escalator at the entrance on the west side of Jay Street. The rack is in a prime location, indoors, well lit and under video surveillance. At press time, the MTA was not available for comment. T.A. is trying to find out how the bike rack was installed and would like to work with the Transit Authority to replicate it in other stations around the city. T.A. encourages the MTA to place signage outside of the station directing cyclists to the bike parking and to upgrade the bike rack to a CityRack-style upside-down U rack.

Right: Newly discovered indoor bike parking in the Jay St./Borough Hall MTA Station in Brooklyn.