Winter 2002, p.5

Bike Parking Coming to Union Square

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In December, T.A. teamed with the Parks Department and the DOT Bicycle Program to examine bike parking possibilities in Union Square. Union Square, with its eight transit lines, is a prime destination for cyclists. The team sited six areas around the park for bike racks. Hundreds of bike-transit commuters, many of whom are coming from bike-rich neighborhoods like the East Village, will take advantage of bike racks. T.A. urges the Parks Department to raise the city standard for bike parking at transit by installing roofed shelters over the proposed bike racks. Covered bike racks would be a New York City first, and would protect bicycles from the elements.

This is not the first time T.A. has pushed for sheltered bike parking at transit. In 1999, T.A. drew up plans for indoor bike parking at Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. And, though Parks installed more CityRacks on the street around the station, T.A. was disappointed that Parks did not install covered racks. New Yorkers are still waiting for sheltered racks at transit. T.A. and the DOT made the call. Can Parks deliver?

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