Winter 2002, p.2

Manhattan Bridge: Danger is Around the Corner

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For a week in early December 2001, cyclists and pedestrians were able to pass through the once-beautiful plaza that the DOT is restoring as part of its Manhattan Bridge Rehabilitation Program. The plaza opening, though welcome, also reveals the danger that bridge-users face crossing Jay Street as they exit the bridge and emerge into traffic. It is clear that the DOT must slow or stop motorists at the bridge entrance/exit, or a bridge user will be killed.

Transportation Alternatives has warned the DOT about the dangerous crossing since 1992. And, in 1996, the DOT made plans to install pedestrian and stop signs and a crosswalk at the foot of the off-ramp, but it has not followed through. The DOT's lack of action suggests that the agency values the movement of motor vehicles more than pedestrian and cyclist safety. T.A. urges the DOT to take action now.  Call the Mayors Quality of Life Action Line at 888-677-5433.

Write to:
Iris Weinshall
NYC DOT Commissioner
40 Worth Street
NYC 10013