Winter 2002, p.2

Ten Things Mayor Bloomberg Should Do in 2002 to Improve Cycling in NYC

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Realistic Goals for the New Year

1. Reduce bicycle fatalities from seventeen to twelve.
2. Reconstitute the Mayor's Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
3. Fix the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge.
4. Secure Bike Parking at Penn Station.
5. Push for the creation of a Taxi & Limousine Commission bicycle awareness recording and sticker.
6. Promote covered bike parking at Union Square, near subway entrances.
7. Make Herald and Greeley Square safer. Install bollards on the Herald Square portion of the 6th Avenue bike lane. Redesign the 6th Avenue bike and right turn lanes at Greeley Square to mirror the Broadway lanes on the East side of Greeley Square.
8. Improve signage on the Hudson River Greenway. Install "Shared Path" signs on the Riverside Park section. Remove stop signs and traffic lights below 59th St.
9. Create a network of signed connections between bridges, greenways and the on-street bicycle network.
10. Ramp all of the Harlem River Bridges, bringing them up to ADA standards on both sides where possible.


  • Diversify CityRacks stock with threetypes of bike racks.
  • Place bike racks inside of ADA-accessible MTA stations with elevators.
  • Install bike racks at the Bronx Zoo and Brooklyn Museum.