Winter 2002, p.7

Wheel Ramps for Williamsburg Bridge

Thanks to the DOT Bureau of Bridges, cyclists will no longer have to carry their bikes down the eighty-three steps on the Williamsburg Bridge. Read the latest news on this issue.

This past fall, T.A. successfully lobbied the DOT to install wheel ramps - small gutters that allow cyclists to roll their bikes up and down stairs - on the Manhattan Bridge. Next, we turned to the eighty-three stairs on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge. This is a big barrier for those unable to heft their bicycles up the stairs. Fortunately, T.A. found a friend in the DOT Bureau of Bridges Chief, Henry Perahia. He asked Yonkers Contracting Company, the firm rebuilding the Williamsburg Bridge, to install the very inexpensive, but valuable, wheel ramps on the bridge. The DOT should follow Perahia's example and seek opportunities for bicycle and pedestrian improvements at all of its road and bridge repair projects. Cyclists should look forward to rolling their bikes by March 2002. (Note: The fully ramped path on the North side of the bridge opens in October 2002.)