Winter 2002, p.10

Metrocard Mayor

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T.A. has joined the Straphangers Campaign and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, in addition to other sensible transportation groups, in thanking the Mayor for staying true to his campaign promise to take public transportation at least once a day. Please take a moment to express your thanks to the Mayor.

Write to:
Mayor Bloomberg

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Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I write to express my appreciation of your regular use of public transportation.
You should be proud to have quickly earned the nickname "MetroCard Mayor." The pictures of you on the Lexington Avenue line send an important message to New Yorkers: taking public transportation is a fast and efficient way to get around town. That's particularly critical at a time when traffic congestion is hurting our business climate and fouling the air we breathe.

I ask you to press your commissioners and top staff to follow your example. I also urge you to reduce the use of city cars and cut back on unnecessary parking permits that are issued to city employees. Those steps could take thousands of cars out of traffic.

Your use of mass transit puts you in touch with the needs and experiences of the riding public. It also gives you greater credibility when you call on New Yorkers to use city subways and buses, or when you promote policies to reduce congestion and improve the transit system.

During the fall, you said that: "As Mayor, to encourage the use of mass transit, I pledge to lead by example. During my administration, I will use public transportation at least once every day rather than the city-provided official car." I thank you for living up to this key campaign promise.