Winter 2002, p.10


New Jersey
Port Authority Considering More Bus-Priority Capacity in Lincoln Tunnel

Rising levels of bus traffic under the Hudson are leading Port Authority planners to consider using another lane in the Lincoln Tunnel for buses only, or for a mix of buses and carpools. The PA staff will soon present a plan to its board for opening twenty-six new gates in the unfinished fourth level of the bus terminal's North Wing.

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Long Island
"Rethink LITP 2000" Challenges Big Long Island Road Plan

As the NY State DOT claims high levels of public support for its Long Island Transportation Plan 2000, critics have organized "Rethink LITP 2000," a diverse coalition of over fifty civic, religious and environmental groups calling for the plan to be reworked. LITP 2000 is the largest road building program in New York since the time of Robert Moses and will significantly worsen sprawl and gridlock on Long Island if it is carried through.

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Zero-Emission Quota on Cars Is Postponed for Two Years

On January 4, the Pataki administration postponed for two years, until 2004, a requirement that automakers devote a small percentage of New York sales to electric cars that do not produce air pollution. At the same time, the Administration adopted a plan to encourage car companies over the next few years to sell large numbers of low-smog vehicles.

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