Winter 2002, p.22

Holiday Party 2001

T.A. held our annual holiday party on November 29 at Soho's Puffin Room. It was a wild affair - a heated raffle for a much-coveted Kronan bike and other great prizes, naked children moshing to the grooves of Quadruped and, of course, a fantastic crowd of T.A. members welcoming the holiday season.

Special thanks to Carl Rosenstein and the Puffin Room for providing the venue, all the volunteers who helped out that night, everyone who came to the party and Quadruped.

T.A. Special Recognition Awards for Lee Sander and Thunderball Courier

Amidst the merriment, there was also some serious business at the Holiday Party. T.A. gave Lee Sander the Civic Achievement Award for leading the Empire State Transportation Alliance. Sander, former commissioner of the NYC DOT, has spent enormous amounts of time and energy bringing together business and public interest groups (including T.A.) to improve public transit in New York City. T.A. also awarded Thunderball Courier the Special Service Award for providing unlimited free bicycle messenger service to T.A. Congratulations to Lee and Thunderball. Keep up the good work!