Spring 2002, p.4

Hot Off The Press! Bicycle Parking Solutions: A Resource For Installing Indoor Bicycle Parking

Use this guide to install indoor bicycle parking in your building. Read the latest news on this issue.

Tens of thousands of New Yorkers cycle to work every day, and according to the Department of City Planning, thousands more would pedal to work if they just had a safe place to keep their bicycle during the workday.

The long-awaited Bicycle Parking Solutions: A Resource for Installing Indoor Bicycle Parking will help building owners and managers create workplace bike parking. T.A. and the New York Metropolitan Transit Council have produced the fifteen-page full-color booklet for building owners and managers who are interested in better serving their tenants and for employees and tenants who want to ride their bikes to work.

Bicycle Parking Solutions focuses on the two main issues surrounding indoor bicycle parking-legal and physical requirements.

Building owners and managers who offer indoor bicycle parking provide their tenants with the high level of service their tenants expect. And, employers benefit from indoor bicycle parking because their workers arrive to work energized and assured that their bicycle is safe.

For more information, contact T.A. at 212-629-8080 or download Bicycle Parking Solutions today!