Spring 2002, p.4

T.A.'s New "Ride-and-Ride" Bike Parking at SI Transit

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What began as an evaluation of and proposal to install bicycle parking at stations along the Staten Island Railroad has evolved into a model design for bike parking at transit for the entire New York metro region. In 2000, T.A. was contracted by the NY State Department of Transportation to develop bike parking specifications for New York State's suburban transit stations.

T.A. and the State DOT developed two "Ride-And-Ride" designs. One uses secure bicycle lockers and the other square-tubed inverted U bike racks. The designs are detailed enough for government contracts and can be adapted to any station and parking lot design. This innovative project is a rare collaboration between two monoliths of the New York State bureaucracy: the DOT and the MTA. In addition, the project broadens the DOT-MTA definition of parking at transit.

Most importantly, this new design should make "Ride-and-Ride" bike parking commonplace throughout the New York metro area. At T.A.'s recommendation, the NYSDOT Region 11 is looking at the Huguenot station on the SI Railroad for the first installation of the "Ride-and-Ride" template. We applaud the DOT's enthusiasm for this project and support its work to make bike parking at transit safe, convenient and accessible.

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