Spring 2002, p.5

What Happen' at the Manhattan?

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For over a decade, T.A. successfully advocated for access to all East River Bridges. Now we are focusing on making sure that bridge users have safe access to all East River Bridges--including the Manhattan.

Cyclists and pedestrians crossing the Manhattan Bridge are all too familiar with the dangers they face on the Brooklyn side. There are no stop, yield, bicycle or pedestrian signs or signals to remind drivers to slow down and pay attention.

The Manhattan side of the Bridge is a different story. In the summer of 2001, the DOT installed two stop signs, a blinking red light and a crosswalk at the entrance to the bridge path at Canal and Bowery. Since then, motorists have hit and bent to the ground the stop sign on the pedestrian island several times. The last crash, in mid-March, completely obliterated the sign. It is gone without a trace.

T.A. asks the DOT to immediately replace the sign and to install protective bollards around the edge of the pedestrian island to protect cyclists, pedestrians and stop signs.

Write to:
DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall
40 Worth Street
NYC 10013