Spring 2002, p.4

East River Greenway Grows! And Shrinks

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First the Good News:
Over the winter, the New York City Economic Development Corp. extended the two-way bike path and promenade along the East River from 19th to 25th Street in Stuyvesant Cove. The attractive new greenway has the potential to become a popular bike commuter route, but it needs to be better connected to the on-street cycling network. There are zero signs directing cyclists to the new path and the traffic conditions around the access points are dangerous-cyclists must negotiate cars racing on and off the FDR. T.A. urges the Economic Development Corp. to work with the DOT and install "way finding" signs along safe and direct routes to and from the new greenway.

The East River Greenway now stretches 3.5 miles from South Street Seaport to 25th Street, but only two miles of it are car-free.

Now the Bad News:
The private cars of police, fire and sanitation workers are parked on the raised off-street greenway path between Jefferson Place and Montgomery Street. Patrons of the Fulton Fish Market park on the path just north of the market. These cars must be moved off of the path and into the ample parking space below the FDR. T.A. urges the Economic Development Corp. to line these sections of the greenway with bollards to prevent motor vehicles from parking on them. Cyclists and pedestrians should not be thrust into the perils of South Street. Parking on the Greenway is not acceptable-by anyone.

Write to:
Michael G. Carey, President
NYC Economic Development Corp
110 William Street
NYC 10038