Spring 2002, p.10

Carpool Rule + East River Bridge Tolls = Car-Free Central Park

Read the latest news about the Car-Free Central Park campaign.

Mayor Bloomberg rides the subway, vehemently supports the Carpool Rule, wants East River Bridge tolls and is cutting government parking permits. Logically, he should support a car-free Central Park. With the help of T.A.'s Car-Free Central Park Committee, he soon will. A car-free Central Park scored important endorsements this winter from City Council Speaker Gifford Miller (whose district encompasses part of the Upper East Side) and pioneering urbanist Jane Jacobs. In 2001, the Car-Free Central Park Campaign garnered 25,000 petition signatures, well on the way to its goal of 100,000, and is now lining up support from the political districts surrounding the park.

This spring, the campaign will focus on two of its short-term goals:

1. Win overnight car-free hours, from 7 pm to 8 am. Morning car-free hours would bring enormous safety and quality of life benefits to thousands of joggers, walkers and cyclists. But because early morning traffic is light, it would not create traffic congestion.

2. Close to cars and re-landscape (as was done with the entrance at Columbus Circle) the following entrances:

The Car-Free Central Park Campaign needs a constant supply of clean, non-polluting volunteer energy. To sign the petition online, get the latest action alert, or volunteer for a turn at signature collecting, traffic counting or other activities, visit www.car-freecentralpark.org.

T.A.'s active volunteer advocacy committees give our members the chance to do important work on issues affecting New York. Pick one and join! For more information, send an e-mail to the chapter chair (see pp. 20-21) or call the T.A. office at 212-629-8080.