Spring 2002, p.13

Discourteous, Unprofessional, Disrespectful
Remove Police Cars from Sidewalks

Police vehicles completely blocking sidewalk in Manhattan-dangerous, disrespectful and obnoxious. Read the latest news on this issue.

New York City cops have tough jobs. They have our tremendous gratitude for handling stressful and difficult tasks everyday.

Unfortunately, though, police officers are undermining our trust and disrespecting their neighbors by parking on the sidewalks. No one, not cops, not firemen, not government officials-no one-should be parking on sidewalks. If the City cannot find parking space for its official vehicles, it should rent garage space or claim more space at the curb. New Yorkers rightfully expect the sidewalk to be the one place of complete refuge from the menace of cars. By parking on the sidewalk, officers alienate the public, destroy good will and create a sense of disorder. T.A. urges the City to remove cop cars from sidewalks--permanently.

T.A. has received an increasing number of complaints about police vehicles parked on the sidewalks around police precincts throughout the five boroughs. Individual precincts are generally responsive to written complaints and will remove the offending vehicles for a little while. But the problem of sidewalk parking is common to almost every neighborhood in the city. And, as such, it demands a citywide solution. T.A. asks Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to send the message loud and clear that parking on the sidewalk--by anyone--is dangerous, illegal and disrespectful to the surrounding community. Do not do it.

Hundreds of T.A. E-bulletin subscribers sent messages to Police Commissioner Kelly asking him to get police cars off the sidewalks. Now it is your turn.

Write to:
Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly
New York City Police Department
1 Police Plaza
NYC 10038