Fall 2002, p.12

Sidewalks Are For Walking--Not Cycling

Do not ride your bike on the sidewalk. Period. Bicyclists on sidewalks are an intrusive and frightening presence to many pedestrians and pose a real danger to the elderly and small children. There is no excuse for riding on sidewalks. If you are afraid of traffic, walk your bike. If you are too impatient to walk, do not care if you hit a little kid or knock over an old man and do not mind spreading ill will towards cyclists, consider the $100 fine and potential confiscation of your bike. Still don't give a damn? Did you know that even city councilmembers who strongly support cycling say that sidewalk cyclists are the number one quality of life complaint that they receive? What goes around comes around. When some cyclists act like jerks, all cyclists get treated like jerks. Not surprisingly, this makes generating community support for tougher traffic enforcement, bike lanes, bike racks, secure parking and greenways much tougher.

Don't be a jerk, don't ride on the sidewalk.

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