Spring 2003, p.5

Reclaiming the Streets
Time to Remove the Midtown Crosswalk Barricades For Good

It is time to remove the midtown crosswalk barricades on 49th and 50th Streets at 5th and 6th Avenues. The NYPD installed the much-despised barricades in 2000 to keep pedestrians out of the way of turning vehicles. Instead, the barriers spurred dangerous jaywalking-half of pedestrians ignore them-and did little to improve vehicle speeds. With the advent of the DOT's successful Thru Streets program, which bans
turns off of 49th and 50th Streets and other crosstown streets in Midtown, they are nothing more than an obstacle to pedestrians.

More than half of pedestrians ignore the crosswalk barricades, such as this one at 5th Ave & 49th St in Manhattan, which have been rendered pointless by the DOT's Thru Streets initiative.

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