Summer 2003, p.6

Cycling News
Street Smart Cycling Tips

  • Stay Away From Car Doors Ride four feet away from parked cars, even if it means riding in a whole lane of traffic. This will reduce the chance of a motorist opening a car door into you.
  • Never Ride on Sidewalks When you ride on the sidewalk, you anger and threaten pedestrians and break the law. The police can take away your bicycle and fine you $300.
  • Give Pedestrians a Break Yield to pedestrians crossing streets. Stay out of crosswalks when stopped at red lights.
  • Ride With Traffic, Not Against Riding against traffic is dangerous for you and for pedestrians. If you ride against traffic, you are more likely to crash with a car or pedestrian and suffer serious injury. Fine: $55
  • Report Crashes to the Police If you are in a crash with a vehicle, car door or pedestrian, call 911. You and the motorist, pedestrian or other bicyclist must stay and provide your names, addresses and telephone numbers for the police.

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