Summer 2003, p.7

Cycling News
T.A. Sues State DOT To Remove Hudson Greenway Stop Signs

For two years, T.A. has pressed the State DOT and the Hudson River Park Trust in letters and meetings to remove stop signs from the middle of the Hudson River Greenway path. Placed at head height and directly in front of often-conflicting traffic signals, the signs are dangerous and confusing and have caused passing cyclists to crash, break their elbows and develop deep scalp lacerations.

Despite our pleadings and a letter from Manhattan Borough President C.Virginia Fields, the signs remain.

So, on April 20th, T.A. filed a lawsuit demanding that the State DOT remove the signs for violating the State Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. In our lawsuit, we assert that the stop signs conflict with traffic lights located at the same intersections, are placed on the center of the path and are not permanently mounted. As a result, the stop signs create dangerous conditions because they contradict green traffic signals, block sight lines on the path, can be easily moved and are confusing for greenway users and motorists alike.

If you have suffered injury or crashed because of one of these signs, please contact T.A. at or 212-629-8080.

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