Fall 2003, p.4

City Hall Needs Greenway Working Group

The busy greenways need better oversight and coordination.
The busy greenways need better oversight and coordination.
The design and construction of the interim Manhattan Waterfront Greenway was a multi-agency effort. Now, ongoing greenway operations must also be a multi-agency effort. Deputy Mayor Doctoroff worked with planners from the City Planning, Parks and the City and State DOTs to implement the interim route around Manhattan. Now that the Deputy Mayor is familiar with these agencies, civic groups and greenway issues, he needs to create an NYC Greenways Working Group to help address the bicycle and pedestrian conflicts and frequent special event closures that plague the city's beautiful car-free paths. 

Greenways should be safe for all users, bicyclists and pedestrians alike. In particular, on John Finley Walk, the City needs to slow cyclists or create buffered bike lanes on First and Second Avenues, so that cyclists can safely detour around the crowded park. In Riverside Park, the City needs to make pedestrian access to the park safer and create a "preferred path" for bicyclists on the underused trails between 66th and 83rd Streets. Bicycle-pedestrian conflicts on park paths create animosity towards bicyclists and opposition to future cycling improvements. 

The City needs to end the regular closings of greenways for "special events" as well as the government and private vehicle parking on greenways. This past spring, the NYPD created a safe and convenient detour for Hudson River Greenway users during Fleet Week. This should be standard practice for the hundreds of festivals, charity races and exhibitions that take place on or near greenway paths.

Write Deputy Mayor Doctoroff and urge him to lead a Greenway Working Group.

Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff, 
City Hall, 
New York, NY 10007 
Fax: 212-788-2460

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