Fall 2003, p.9

Williamsburg Bridge Users Tell DOT to Remove the Bumps

During the summer and fall, T.A. members and volunteers continued to inundate the DOT with hundreds of requests to remove the dangerous bumps on the Williamsburg Bridge bicycle and pedestrian path. Despite the concerned letters and e-mails about injuries and damage to bicycles inflicted by the bumps that it received, the DOT still refuses to replace the bumps with more gentle expansion joint covers. The bumps are a major obstacle to everyday cycling because they are difficult, painful and damaging to ride over. The bumps also appear to violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. This summer, the Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association wrote to the DOT and stated that, "Many people with mobility impairments, including wheelchair and scooter users, cannot get over those metal bands, effectively preventing them from pedestrian use of the Williamsburg Bridge."

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