Fall 2003, p.11

Decisive Hearing on Car Alarm Ban Nears

Decisive Hearing on Car Alarm Ban NearsUniquely ineffective in deterring theft, car alarms have been an obnoxious part of New York City life for almost thirty years. Calls to silence the alarms have been strong since 1992, but spurious legal issues and pressure from out-of-town car alarm industry lobbyists have prevented the city council from taking effective action.

Now, thanks to Councilmember Eva Moskowitz and T.A.'s strong advocacy, sleep-deprived New Yorkers may finally get some relief. On December 11th, Moskowitz's Int. 448 will get a crucial second hearing in the city council. Twenty-one councilmembers from across the city already co-sponsor a car alarm ban. Just a few more could make car alarm sales, installation and use a distant, unpleasant memory.

Sleepers, readers, schoolchildren, the elderly and nearly everyone else stand to benefit from the peace of a car alarm-free city. The approximately 235 people working as car alarm installers will also gain, as car owners flock to them for silent anti-theft products once audible alarms are banned. Silent pagers and immobilizers are more effective than alarms, giving owners better security and a bigger insurance discount at a very low cost (see chart). Or, drivers can comply with the law by going to the dealer and switching off their alarm-for free.

A car alarm ban is a win for everyone. Come show your support at the crucial city council hearing on Int. 448.
Thursday, December 11th, 10 am
Council Chambers at City Hall

Typical, current prices for audible and silent car security devices in New York City.

Security device, fully installed price
Audible car alarm (with siren) $229
Silent car alarm (with pager) $289
Silent immobilizer $195
Pager to replace existing siren $175

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