Fall 2003, p.23

Commuter Profile: The Marzulli Family

Commuter Profile: The Marzulli FamilyNames: Penny, 44; Jack, 13; Pete, 11
Commute: We commute to school from Chelsea to the Upper West Side. We ride together from 19th Street between 8th & 9th Avenues to the Hudson River Greenway. From there, we take the bike path to West 72nd Street, through Riverside Park to West 78th Street and up West 78th Street to Westend Avenue. Three miles. 20-25 minutes.
Bike: Jack rides a Giant hybrid and Pete rides a Trek mountain bike.
Gear: Helmets, rubber bands, backpacks
How long commuting: One month
Why started? We could not bear to end the summer and get back on the subways; it is great to keep in shape and get some fresh air early in the day!
Attire: School clothes, gloves, jackets
Weather: We ride as long as it's not raining hard or too cold or windy!
Response from friends and schoolmates: "Cool bikes"; "you're so lucky you can ride to school." Many of our friends have told their parents and asked if they could ride a bike to school.
Advice: DO IT!
Lock: Cable lock
Parking: Bike rack in school courtyard
Best commute: Sunny, on a bike
Worst experience/commute: A very windy day when it felt like we'd never get home.
Memorable experiences: Pete tumbling off his bike, onto the grass, unable to stop his momentum because of a VERY heavy backpack of books!

What is Success? This is Success.

The Marzulli's decision to begin bike commuting using the Hudson River Greenway illustrates the powerful effect that car-free paths have on encouraging everyday bicycling. When the city's two most vulnerable populations, children and the elderly, feel comfortable bicycling and walking more, it is a clear indication that the City has done something right. While cycling is almost non-existent among the American elderly, it accounts for a fourth of all trips made by the Dutch elderly and for 7% of trips by the German elderly. See pages 18 and 19 for a list of easy things that New York City can do to help more families become regular bike commuters.

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