Winter 2004, p.7

Cycling News:
DOT to Study Skyway From Brooklyn Bridge Path to Cadman Plaza

DOT to Study Skyway From Brooklyn Bridge Path to Cadman Plaza

At a November meeting of Brooklyn Community Board 2’s Transportation Committee, New York City Department of Transportation officials announced that the agency has approximately $500,000 in Federal clean air funds to study building a “fly-over” ramp from Cadman Plaza to the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge’s bicycle and pedestrian path. This study is the necessary first step towards actually building the ramp; the addition would improve bridge access for the 5,000 people who walk and bike each day over the city’s most famous East River span.

The proposed ramp would provide a safe and convenient alternative to the currently horrific bridge access at the mammoth intersection of Adams and Tillary Streets. The ramp would arch over the bridge’s motor vehicle traffic, stretching from Cadman Plaza East to the Washington Street stairs on the bridge’s promenade. Bikers and walkers would no longer be forced to contend with a dozen lanes of hurried, intersecting traffic at the bridge entrance.

In 1999, T.A. extolled the Cadman Plaza Connector as a potential boon for cyclists and pedestrians traveling to and from the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge. At the time, the City DOT requested but failed to get $4 million in Federal clean air funds to study and probably build the ramp. The 1999 plan included converting a five-block section of Cadman Plaza East/Washington Street into a car-free plaza, including a separated bike path. Cadman Plaza East is now car-free from Sands to Tillary Street. However, it is unclear how the Emergency Management offices planned for the area between Cadman Plaza East and the Brooklyn Bridge will affect the design and construction of the fly-over.

Take Action!

Write to Commissioner Weinshall and urge the City Department of Transportation to study and build the Cadman Plaza Connector.
Commissioner Iris Weinshall
NYC Department of Transportation
40 Worth Street
New York, NY 10013

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