Spring 2004, p.4

Cycling News
Release of City Planning 's Queensboro Bridge Safety Study Badly Needed

75% of Queensboro Bridge path users travel to or from points west of the bridge in Manhattan, but all cyclists and pedestrians are forced east to First Avenue.

For two years, the department of City Planning has been quietly studying bicyclist safety at and access to the Manhattan side of the Queensboro Bridge. T.A. is eagerly awaiting the report and recommendations; if implemented, the changes would benefit the 2,500 bicyclists and pedestrians who cross the bridge each day. The agency conducted a similar study for the Queens side of the bridge and Queens Plaza, which it shared at public meetings.

A big problem on the Manhattan side of the Queensboro Bridge is that, while 75% of bridge path users are traveling to or from west of the bridge, there is no direct connection to the bridge from that direction. Bicyclists are forced to detour four blocks to First Avenue.

The City provides motorists exiting the bridge convenient access to Second Avenue. The City should also give cyclists and pedestrians safe access to and from Second Avenue via 60th and 61st Streets by installing crosswalks at the base of the bridge path and adding “Caution: Cyclists” signs on the bridge motor vehicle off-ramp and 60th Street.

Write to:
Amanda Burden, Director
NYC Department of
City Planning
22 Reade Street
New York, NY 10007

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