Spring 2004, p.6

Where Are the Plans for Shore Parkway Greenway Connector?

City Planning's master plan will bridge the 5-mile gap in the Shore Parkway Greenway.

In April 2003, the Department of City Planning unveiled its draft Shore Parkway Greenway Connector Master Plan: a combination of on-street bike lanes and off-street paths to connect the Bay Ridge and Sheepshead Bay sections of the Shore Parkway Greenway in Brooklyn. The Department of City Planning received $100,000 Federal grant for the study. The agency's work is augmented by another $100,000 Federal grant awarded to the City DOT to implement bike lanes and short paths recommended in the plan. The City held public and internal meetings to review the project, but it has yet to announce its final plan for connecting the greenways. The City should continue the public planning process and build the connector without further delay.

The draft master plan presents multiple on- and off-street routes through Coney Island and Brighton Beach to close the Shore Parkway Greenway's five-mile gap between Bay Parkway and Knapp Street.

From Bay Parkway, the proposed connector follows Shore Road to West 22nd Street and continues onto a new path built by Home Depot along Coney Island Creek. A new bicycle and pedestrian bridge would take greenway users over the creek to Neptune Avenue. The route continues on Neptune and Emmons Avenues and links to the existing greenway path at Knapp Street.

Write to the Department of City Planning and ask it to release the final plan for the Shore Parkway Greenway Connector Master Plan.
Amanda Burden, Director
NYC Department of City Planning
22 Reade Street
New York, NY 10007

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