Spring 2004, p.7

DOT Pondering 8th Avenue Bike Lane

8th Avenue in Manhattan needs a bike lane between 14th and 59th Streets to connect existing lanes to the south on Hudson Street and to the north on Central Park West and St. Nicholas Av.

During the Fall, Winter and Spring, the Department of Transportation counted traffic on Manhattanís 8th Avenue. The agency is trying to decide whether or not to stripe a new bicycle lane between 14th Street and Columbus Circle.

Community Boards 4 and 5 and 550 cyclists echoed T.A.ís request that the DOT add a bike lane to improve safety and connect the existing Hudson Street and Central Park West lanes.

The new 8th Avenue bike lane would tame motor vehicle traffic, improve safety for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists and reduce sidewalk cycling. It would also create a nearly continuous eight-mile on-street bike lane from TriBeCa to Washington Heights.

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