Spring 2004, p.8

T.A. Helps Hell's Kitchen Group Tackle Traffic, Pedestrian Safety

Residents of Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan are fed up with the City's treatment of their neighborhood as an auto sacrifice zone.

Earlier this year, the Hellís Kitchen Neighborhood Association reached out to Transportation Alternatives for recommendations for traffic calming and restoring quality of life to its traffic beleaguered neighborhood near the Lincoln Tunnel. In Hell's Kitchen, a glut of motor vehicle traffic heading for the tunnel backs up from 34th Street to 59th Street and clogs the vibrant commercial and residential strip of Ninth Avenue. Drivers routinely run red lights, bully pedestrians in crosswalks and honk incessantly. Residents report that these conditions have grown worse in recent years, and have become an everyday problem. T.A. is now working with the group to help improve pedestrian safety in their neighborhood through such measures as neckdowns, leading pedestrian intervals and banning left turns.

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