Spring 2004, p.16

Working Cyclist Safety Campaign Rolls

This spring, T.A. distributed 700 “Working Cyclist Safety” posters to restaurants, delis and messenger companies that use bicycle delivery, and to the NYPD, Community Boards, city councilmembers and neighborhood associations. The illustrated English/Chinese and English/Spanish posters contain traffic laws and safety tips for delivery bicyclists and their employers and are designed to encourage safe cycling and improve bicyclist and pedestrian safety. T.A. is working with these organizations to educate businesses about the laws they and their delivery people need to follow. The NYPD is complimenting the educational campaign with heightened enforcement of commercial cycling laws and sidewalk cycling.

If you would like to help distribute posters or know a business that needs a “Working Cyclist Safety” poster, please contact T.A. at WorkingCyclist@transalt.org or 212-629-8080.

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