Spring 2004, p.25

Commuter Profile
Daniel L. Doctoroff

Occupation: Deputy Mayor for Economic Development & Rebuilding for the City of New York

Commute: Upper West Side to Lower Manhattan. I live on the Upper West Side between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive so I enter Riverside Park at 91st Street and then ride through Riverside Park until I can cut over to the water then all the way down to Chambers Street, then to Broadway and down to City Hall. Itís about 6 1/2 miles, and usually takes me about 25 minutes.

Bike: I ride a Gary Fisher hybrid that Iíve had for years.

How long commuting? Iíve been riding to work in the mornings since April 2002.

Why started? Itís very simple: thereís no other time for me to exercise.

Attire: My riding clothes are pretty low-key, shorts and t-shirt.

Essential Gear: Always a helmet!

Weather: I ride when the temperature is above 50 degrees.

Response from co-workers: I think they think its cool but a little crazy since I usually leave the house at 5:30 am.

Memorable experiences: One morning, I almost rode over the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation President who was jogging in the opposite direction. I think we were both still asleep.

Best commute: 21 minutes, 3 seconds

Advice: I donít think most people realize how spectacular the Greenway is becoming. Weíve come a long way and itís only going to get better and better. Everyone should get out there and support their local Greenway.

Parking: I bring my bike to the side of City Hall and park it on the racks.

Lock: I have no idea what kind of lock I use but itís pretty safe inside the gates of City Hall so it doesnít matter that much.

Riding style: I can be assertive but have to admit, Iím kind of a daydreamer during my early morning commute.

Memorable reactions: Not many people out at 5:30 am to let me know!

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