Summer 2004, p.5

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High Hopes for Brooklyn Bridge-to-Greenway Link

DOT construction on Chambers St. should include a link to Manhattan greenways.
DOT construction on Chambers St. should include a link to Manhattan greenways.

According to the DOT's counts, 1,000 bicyclists cross the Brooklyn Bridge each day. When they arrive in Manhattan, however, there are no signs directing them to the best stretch of bicycling in New York City—the Hudson River Greenway—a mere half-mile away. Likewise, the thousands of cyclists that ride on the Hudson River Greenway each day pass Chambers Street without any notice that the Brooklyn Bridge is seven blocks across town.

As the DOT begins a two-year utility project on Chambers Street, they should take this opportunity to plan the reconstruction of the street to include a safe, well marked bicycle connection between the Brooklyn Bridge and Hudson River Greenway. Specifically this spring T.A. asked the DOT to study and install “shared lane” bike route pavement markings and bike route and wayfinding signs on Chambers Street between the Brooklyn Bridge at Centre Street and the Hudson River Greenway at West Street. The link would serve thousands of recreational users, work commuters and students at Stuyvesant High and Borough of Manhattan Community College.

n the Spring of 2003, the DOT tested the shared lane bike route pavement marking on a six block stretch of University Avenue in the Morris Heights section of the Bronx. It was received favorably by both bicyclists and the community.

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