Summer 2004, p.5

Cycling News
Bike Lanes Coming to Park Slope’s 5th Ave 

T.A. Brooklyn Committee volunteers collected signatures from over 100 businesses and 700 individuals on 5th Avenue to support the bike lanes.

By the end of the summer, Brooklyn's 5th Avenue will have new north and southbound bike lanes between Carroll and 24th Streets.

In late June, quick-thinking local DOT officials recognized the agency’s recent repaving of 5th Avenue as an opportunity to stripe bike lanes through the heart of Park Slope, a neighborhood long popular with cyclists. In July, the Community Board 6 Transportation Committee voted seven to one in support of the bike lanes. Though not binding, the vote of support gave the DOT confidence to move ahead full-speed with the new lanes.

Between Carroll and 24th Streets, 5th Avenue is 50 feet wide, room enough to add a five-foot wide bike lane in both directions without negatively affecting motor vehicle traffic or parking. North of Carroll Street, 5th Avenue is only 40 feet wide, and the DOT would have to remove parking to add bike lanes.

The new bike lanes will connect with existing lanes on 2nd and 3rd Streets and serve hundreds of commuters, shoppers, joy riders and an ever-increasing number of restaurant delivery men. The new lanes will help reduce sidewalk cycling because cyclists are less likely to ride on the sidewalk on streets with clearly-marked bike lanes. And, the bike lanes will calm the traffic on 5th Avenue by narrowing and demarcating traffic lanes; making the busy street feel safer, less hectic and more pedestrian friendly.

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