Summer 2004, p.23

Volunteer Profile
Vicki Tanovan

Vicki Tanovan helps keep Century riders on track as a volunteer marshal.

Vicki Tanovan helps keep Century riders on track as a volunteer marshal.

Occupation: Hoffmann La Roche – Clinical New Drug Development Consultant

T.A. Member Since: Sept. 2001

Neighborhood: Battery Park City

What kinds of things have you done to help T.A.? I captained a marshal team on the NYC Century Bike Tour in 2003, I collected petition signatures for Car Free Prospect and Central Parks, I distributed T.A. materials in my neighborhood to spread the word and participated in Bike Month 2004.

Why did you choose to help T.A.? Transportation Alternatives is a very effective and important advocacy group for biking, walking and sensible transportation. It multiplies the voices of individuals who are asking the government to make changes to improve conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians in NYC. It is where change happens and I want to be part of that.

Also, the TA staff is a friendly group of people. It is a pleasure to volunteer and give time to them – it doesn’t feel like work, more like having friends with the same interest and support of biking, walking and a healthy lifestyle.

What’s your favorite thing about the Century? Its wonderful way to encourage new riders that biking in NYC is a real possibility can be safe and can be very interesting. It’s a chance to see different boroughs and appreciate neighborhoods outside of Manhattan.

What is the best section of the ride? Along the water in Brooklyn beside the Verrazano bridge and seeing all the potential places a bike can go...and where I want to come back to...

What’s your favorite part of living in New York City? New York City has something for everyone! One can eat Dim Sum in Chinatown, then ride up to Central Park for some reading and napping, then ride to Times Square for a Broadway show – all in one day.

I just get on my bike and go, there is always a new experience waiting outside – that’s the magic of New York City. As a NYC bicyclist, there’s also the added challenge of City riding: sharing the road with cars, pedestrians, messengers and baby strollers. But its worth it just to find City gems such as street fairs, free outdoor concerts in parks, or that tiny mom and pop shop that makes homemade cupcakes, my favorite.

Take Action!

To volunteer at the NYC Century Bike Tour—either at a rest stop or as a marshal on a bike, email or call 212-629-8080.

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