Spring 2005, p.5

Cycling News: Bridges
Cyclists Rally for Safe Bridge Access by 2006

City cyclists deserve Olympic medals for braving dangerous bridge approaches every day.
City cyclists deserve Olympic medals for braving dangerous bridge approaches every day.

On Monday, April 11th, 200 bicyclists rallied at the Brooklyn side of Manhattan Bridge bicycling path, near the site of Noah Budnick’s recent crash. The rally was to honor the bravery of all New York City cyclists, and to demand safe bicycling routes to and from the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and Queensboro Bridges.

Rally speaker Council-member David Yassky told the crowd of his longstanding cooperation with Noah and T.A. to improve bicycling conditions around the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, and pledged to ratchet up the pressure on City Hall to see that the approaches, particularly on the Brooklyn side, are made safer by 2006. Borough President Marty Markowitz won applause with his statement:

“The City of New York should set the standard for having safe, defined, cycling routes that encourage this popular, healthy, inexpensive form of transportation, rather than lagging behind as is currently the case. Noah has been a tireless advocate for increasing cyclists’ safety and, unfortunately, his injury, and those of other cyclists demonstrate that we still have a long way to go.”

At the rally Transportation Alternatives presented bicyclists with faux Olympic medals for “Bicycling Bravery” to honor the daily trials that New York City cyclists must surmount, particularly around the East River Bridges. Said T.A. Executive Director Paul Steely White:

“Noah is confident that some day very soon our city will take the reality of everyday cycling as seriously as it takes the fantasy of Olympic cycling.”

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