Spring 2005, p.9

Cycling News: Bike Parking
Coming Soon: Lavish Locking for L Riders

New racks will prevent willy-nilly locking in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
New racks will prevent willy-nilly locking in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Thanks to savvy cooperation between Community Board 1 and the City DOT, Northside Williamsburgers will soon get 30 more bike racks. Many of the racks are slated to be installed near the Bedford Avenue L train stop, where additional bike parking is sorely needed.

As it turns out, an over-whelming majority of local Williamsburg businesses are in favor of more racks. Robert Elmes of Galapagos, the popular performance space on North 6th Street, requested three bike racks. While technically the NYC DOT does not need permission from a building owner to install a bike rack in front of a building, it can certainly expedite matters as this example has shown.

The bike racks will be a boon for L riders. In London, where a multitude of new racks have been installed at popular rail stations, bike-to-transit trips have increased by as much as 700%. But New York City need not look to London for proof that transit riders need more bike parking. At many transit stops throughout the five borough cyclists are regularly filling existing racks to capacity.

To request a City Rack near you visit: http://www.ci.nyc.ny.us/html/dot/html/bikeped/rackfrm1.html

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