Spring 2005, p.9

Cycling News: Bike Parking
Take Action to Win Better Bike Parking

Bike parking is filled to capacity at 14th Street-Union Square in Manhattan and countless other locations citywide.

Bike parking is filled to capacity at 14th Street-Union Square in Manhattan and countless other locations citywide.

It is spring in New York City and potholes are as plentiful as places to lock your bike are scarce. What is a cyclist to do? Help pass the ground-breaking bikes access to buildings bill.

Councilmember Madeleine Provenzano’s draconian bike registration bill is all but dead. The Councilmember has now set her sights on another bike related bill, but this time she aims to do bicyclists a good turn. Provenzano, the chair of the City Council Housing and Buildings Committee, has graciously pledged to hold a summer hearing on Introduction 155, the bike access bill that could so much as double bicycling in New York City by enabling wide-spread secure bike parking at New Yorkers’ places of employment.

Intro 155 would require building owners and managers to accommodate tenants who allow their employees to bring their bicycles into the workplace. As of now, building owners and managers are not required to allow employees’ bikes inside buildings, even if employers/tenants allow it. Lack of secure bike parking has been found to be the leading obstacle to cycling. Introduction 155 represents an enormous opportunity to enable more New Yorkers to take to two wheels.

Since Councilmember Provenzano’s pledge, T.A. has solicited input on the bill from some of New York City’s leading green developers and real estate interests. Many have already lent their support, recognizing that the bill would only require access to tenant’s spaces while not forcing building owners to create new space for bicycles.

Those who have yet to support the bill are concerned about the logistics of enabling universal bike access into buildings, and liability and security issues as well. T.A. is currently working with these groups to craft solutions that address their concerns.

E-mail Council member Provenzano provenzano@council.nyc.ny.us and thank her for agreeing to hold a summer committee hearing on the indoor bike access bill and urge her to support this very important piece of legislation. Your emails and faxes helped turn back bad legislation; they can also help propel this much needed bill.

E-mail T.A. to help build a huge turnout for the hearing (the date was TBA as of press time): bike@transalt.org.

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