Spring 2005, p.11

In Focus
Schools Expect Little, Get Little

The Bronx coalition surveyed principals throughout the Bronx, asking them, “How would you rate traffic safety around your school? (1 is extremely dangerous, 10 is extremely safe)” Over 60% of principals rated their school’s traffic safety between 1 and 5.

Rating 7

“St. Ann’s Avenue is a very wide street which is used as a through street by cars, and trucks. Drivers often speed on the street directly in front of the school, making it difficult to cross. In addition, turning cars make it difficult to cross both St. Ann’s and 149th Street.”

Rating 6

“One child was killed crossing Castle Hill prior to my arrival as Principal. On Primary Day in 2004, an older couple was hit by a car turning left from St. Raymond’s onto Castle Hill Avenue. A staff member was hit by a car turning left from Purdy Street onto St. Raymond’s Avenue. Both the older couple and the staff member were crossing at the corner.”

Rating 1

“Twice cars have jumped the highway median and slammed into our school fence. Fortunately, no children were present. Once a child was struck by a speeding taxi and suffered cuts and bruises. Also, a school bus was sideswiped seriously two years ago, with about 12 students needing to be seen by EMS and a hospital. One bruised shoulder and neck was I believe the most serious injury.”

Additional Findings

■ 80% of principals reported problems with speeding drivers
■ 65% reported problems with crossing the street to the school
■ 59% reported problems with disrespectful drivers
■ 45% reported problems with drivers running red lights and stop signs.

The survey revealed that there is a great deal of room for improvement at almost every school. It also revealed that many principals had resigned themselves to unsafe traffic conditions outside the school—until now.

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