Spring 2005, p.26


Cars on the Hudson River Greenway

As a regular bicycle rider on the Hudson River Greenway my wife and I have encountered several automobiles taking advantage of the bicycle path by driving on it to avoid traffic or because they do not realize it is a bike path. Just this past Tuesday I saw two cars in the morning which were being ticketed by park police and one car in the afternoon just got away with it. This problem has increased since the removal of the stop signs which were removed because they posed a hazard to cyclists. It is almost a daily event to come across a car driving on the bike path. There are a few solutions that could prevent drivers and confused pedestrians from using the bike path.

This is becoming a serious issue. I hope that action will be taken before an accident occurs.

Don Schroder

Editorís Note: Thanks for the report! T.A. has made the Hudson River Park Trust aware of the problem. I also suggest that you contact them to reiterate the problem of cars driving on the greenway, and send them any specific locations where youíve seen cars driving on the path.

You can e-mail the Hudson River Park Trust at info@hrpt.state.ny.us and find the rest of their contact information at http://www.hudsonriverpark.org.

We agree that cars (and trucks) should never, ever drive on any greenway path and will work with the Hudson River Park Trust and the City Parks Department to crack down on this problem.

Fill Potholes, Save Lives

There are a couple of brutal potholes on 178th Street and Ft. Washington Avenue. Many people who ride across the George Washington Bridge have to contend with them. The intersection is dangerous enough with highway and bridge traffic speeding through, the potholes add a whole new dimension of danger. Riding there recently I didnít notice the potholes, probably because they were filled with rain and I realized I had to move fast because a car service car had blasted the light coming off the bridge. The world disappeared under me (deeeep potholes) and I went over the handlebars. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to go with the fall to get out of the way of the speeding taxi.

It would never have been a problem if these potholes had not been carelessly left behind. You know how it is, an Avenue is repaved, but the cross streets are not, and the boundary is sometimes neglected. Thatís the case here. What can I do to get it fixed?!?


P.S. Already a proud TA Member!

Editorís Note: Weíre sorry to hear about your crash and hope youíre recovering quickly.

You can report potholes by calling 311 or going on-line to: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/motorist/potholephotos.html

If your injuries persist, I recommend contacting a lawyer. If someone else had previously reported the pothole to the City, and they City didnít fix it, then the City is liable for your crash. You can find a list of bicyclist-friendly lawyers at: http://www.transalt.org/info/lawyers.html

Good luck and thanks for supporting T.A.!

Early Morning Intrusion in Central Park

Perhaps others have reported to you that cars are on the Central Park drives before 7 am. At the West 72nd Street entrance this morning, police pushed back the barricade before 6:30. With a second police car sitting right at the intersection, vehicles started entering the park. More cyclists are using the drives now that there is early morning light and better weather. Is there any action being taken?


Editorís Note: Thanks for contacting T.A. In response to your letter and several other similar complaints T.A. called the Central Park precinct to let them know that violating car-free hours is unacceptable. They were very responsive; recent reports are that morning car-free hours are now more effectively protected. You should call the precinct at 212-570-4820 and thank them for improving the enforcement of car-free hours, and encourage them to keep it up.

This recent improvement notwithstanding, cars will continue to creep into the park during car-free hours until the park is completely protected from traffic 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 52 weeks per year. To make this happen, join T.A.ís Central Park Committee: volunteer@transalt.org.

Thank you to the many readers who send letters in response to Transportation Alternatives Magazine, the T.A. E-Bulletin, or transalt.org. Feedback from readers is hugely helpful.The Word on the Street

Thank you to the many readers who send letters in response to Transportation Alternatives Magazine, the T.A. E-Bulletin, or transalt.org. Feedback from readers is hugely helpful.

We encourage all readers to send us comments. E-mail info@transalt.org; mail to 127 W. 26th Street, Suite 1002, New York, NY 10001; fax 212-629-8334; or submit a comment through our Web site. We look forward to hearing from you.