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Transportation Alternatives Magazine: Fall 2006

Transportation Alternatives magazine is a quarterly publication sent only to T.A. members. If you are not yet a member, please join, but in the meantime, use the form below to request a sample copy of the magazine. If you're serious about biking, walking and sensible transportation in New York City, you don’t want to miss a single issue of Transportation Alternatives Magazine. Each quarterly issue contains news on transportation and cycling issues that affect you. Go behind the scenes at City Hall and the D.O.T., to find out what improvements — or problems — are in store for cyclists and pedestrians in New York. Find out what New York can learn from London or Bangkok. Learn how you can help improve cycling and walking conditions in New York City.

Table of Contents, Fall 2006 T.A. Magazine:
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  • [Page 2] Provocateur: [Page 3] Publisher's Letter:
    • Carrots Are Not Enough
    [Pages 4-11] Cycling News:
    • City Promises 240 Miles of Bike Lanes, Paths and Routes by 2009
    • City Releases Comprehensive Study of NYC Bike Crashes
    • Filling in the Blanks: City's Plan Must Focus on Main Streets, Protection and Enforcement
    • London Standards for Bicycle Lane and Path Design
    • Where Will All the Bikes Be Parked?
    • Automatic for the People
    • A New Champion for Cyclists
    • This is Not Your Father's DOT: City Hall Gets Strategic About Using NYC's Limited Street Space
    [Page 12-13] Reclaiming the Streets:
    • Blogging on the Block
    • Traffic's Human Toll: New T.A. Study Gets Wide Acclaim
    [Page 14] Sensible Transportation:
    • Holding the NYPD Accountable
    [Page 15] Parks:
    • New Yorkers Want Car Free Summer in 2007
    [Page 16-17] Safe Routes: [Page 18] World News:
    • Jakarta to Expand BRT and Implement Congestion Charge
    • Work on L.A. Light-Rail Route to Begin
    • Beijing to Ban Cars at 2008 Olympics
    • Stockholm Approves Congestion Charge in Referendum
    [Page 19] Metro News:
    • MTA Approves Westside Railyard Deal
    • Rell Calls for Transportation Land Use Connection
    • NYC Says Trash Plan Cuts Truck Reliance
    • Governor Corzine Unveils $74 million Pedestrian Safety Initiative
    [Page 21] Volunteer Profile: Janet Chu
    [Page 23] Commuter Profile: Joshua Benson
    [Page 25] Letters
    [Page 26-27] About T.A.
    • NYC Century Bike Tour 2006